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Easily change system wide fonts with the new Fontster app

Android is well-known for the wide range of customizations it provides to the user. With the massive customizations and tweaks in UI and functionality, the Android operating system provides a rich personalization experience to the users. The customizations let users to theme the devices which gives a power to dress their android device with their own imaginations. One such customization is to change the fonts in the device.

There are a lot of apps available in the android market that lets you change the fonts in your device but most of them merely change the fonts in the settings, menu, and keyboard. If there is a unique system wide font style, it would look nice on the overall experience of the device. This can be achieved easily by the Fontster app that change the font style of the entire Operating system itself. Of course there is a catch here, and the catch is that the device must be Rooted in order to customize your device.

Fontster allows you to easily change the system wide fonts on your Android device . The design of the app is fairly clean and simple without a of fuzz. Fonts can be easily changed by just choosing the available fonts and tapping on it. The app will also show the preview of the font style in various scenarios like Italic, bold, regular etc… This will make easy to preview the font before installing it. After selecting the font, you can either reboot or just restart the System UI right from the app to apply the font.

The app provides with a lot of fonts to choose from and there is an option in the app settings to Request a font to the developer. This will further add to the development of the app and the availability of more fonts. The app also provide options to back up/restore fonts and also gives the information of currently installed font.

The Fontster app works best with devices running close to stock (AOSP) builds. The app is also tested on non-AOSP device like Samsung TouchWiz and worked pretty smoothly for us. But it is always best to take a whole system backup before using this app. Click on the download link provided below to download the app from Playstore.

The Good:
  • Minimal design
  • Huge font collection
  • Backup/Restore Fonts
The Bad:
  • Root Required

  Download Fontster