Droid Incredible Makes Room for Droid X, Deferred Again Till August 3.

Verizon pushes Droid incredible to August 3

One phone that was marred more than any other device on earth — by the shortages of components at Samsung’s premises — is HTC Droid Incredible. The so-called lack of AMOLED displays struck this very device at Verizon before halting HTC EVO’s killing spree at Sprint. IF you were still looking to purchase the first Droid of 2010, then it very likely that you are quite used with postponements, but this one will even make you sweat hard. We are hearing that phone has been pushed back again — very far this time, in fact till August 3 — and this might break down even the toughest of Incredible wannabes out there, since it will be very hard to resist — if not impossible — the July 15 release of Motorola Droid X.

Maybe it’s done purposefully, from what we could perceive. No, we’re not talking about shortages of screens here, but there is some other reason too. Droid brand is Verizon’s baby, the most powerful brand in Android by any stretch of imagination, and Verizon would like to offer the best phone available in Droid tag, the Droid X, against which even Incredible looks like a bench warmer. No offense, Droid Incredible!

As far as shortage of screens go, we know it’s rumored that HTC Vision – the phone that would take a shot at Motorola’s Droid 2, with its 4 row physical QWERTY keyboard and 1Ghz processor behind a 3.7 inch screen — will be using Super AMOLED displays made by none other than Samsung. That indirectly tells us that there are screens available for HTC — but the Company will be inclined to use towards the new phone, HTC Vision — in place of a phone that’s not much in vogue now. Sorry Droid incredible!

So, here was the other side of dawdling the HTC Droid incredible so far. After all, HTC and Verizon can’t simply say it in you face, forget Droid Incredible and purchase our latest offerings!

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