Nexus 4 wallpapers and ringtones

There are still two weeks left before Google launches the LG Nexus 4 (and the Nexus 10), which is to be the Nexus device that introduces Android 4.2. However, a system dump from the Nexus 4 has been available since even before the device was officially announced, allowing us to try out Android 4.2 things like the new keyboard and the new camera and gallery apps.

However, the system dump wasn’t previously available for download by everyone, but that isn’t the case anymore, as the folks over at the Android Task Force have made the entire system dump available for download. Furthermore, they have also grabbed the wallpapers, sounds (ringtones) and system apps from the dump and have made them available for download separately, for those uninterested in the entire system dump.

Hit the source link below and grab the wallpapers, sounds, or system apps (or the full system dump) of the LG Nexus 4 from the links below, and enjoy them while we wait for Google to release Android 4.2 itself.