A cool Halloween Wallpaper for your Android device (or for your PC)

So, it’s that time of the year when you stock up on all the candy you can get, so you can hand them out to all the little kids that come knocking at your door. Or, maybe you yourself are part of a eerily dressed group of kids knocking those doors. Either way, it’s Halloween, and it is time for fun (though I guess for most the time for Halloween is well past).

Now, how about continuing the Halloween tradition on your Android device by putting on a really cool wallpaper? Android Foundry has released a wallpaper for Halloween as part of their holiday wallpapers series, and it certainly looks very cool. It is available in different sizes, one for a phone and four others for putting on your desktop if you so desire.

Go ahead and hit the links below to download the wallpaper, and put that devilish Android on your Android device/desktop. You better have some candy left down in the basement to hand over to this little fella.

P.S: You might want to remove that Android Foundry logo from the wallpaper by editing the image in Paint, using the eraser tool. Just a handy tip.

640x960px (phone) | 1280x800px | 1920x1080px | 1680x1050px | 1440x1080px