[Deal] Pre-owned Verizon Galaxy S7 32GB going for $250 at eBay

Although Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 and S8+ are raking in all the moolahs, its last year flagship device the Galaxy S7 is also by all means a great handset to own. And this device is now up for grabs at only $250 at eBay. So, if you have been wanting to own a flagship smartphone but kept yourself restricted due to the high price tag, this may the perfect deal for you.

However, there’s a catch. The Galaxy S7 handset being sold at the discounted price is a refurbished one and not brand new. eBay is selling a pre-owned Verizon locked Galaxy S7 with 32GB storage.

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The product being sold has been given B+ mark which means that although the S7 may have minor scrapes, as it has been used before, it is still in pretty good condition. Now, if compared to the regular listed price of unlocked Galaxy S7 which is a minimum of $570 and the $573 cost of Verizon Galaxy S7, this deal is a killer one.

eBay is selling the pre-owned Verizon Galaxy S7 in two color options –Gold and Black. The deal, however, is valid only in the US.

–> Buy pre-owned Verizon Galaxy S7 for $250 only

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