Deal: Pre-order Sprint Galaxy S8 or S8+ and get $100 reward E-certificate from Samsung

Samsung is offering a pretty sweet pre-order deal on the Sprint Galaxy S8 and S8+. The device was until now available with a free gift of choice when you pre-order from, but the Korean just sweetened the deal a little more with the addition of a $100 E-certificate.

The E-certificate is not a direct discount but it’ll certify you to get $100 off on Mobiles on the website for your next order.

The $100 E-certificate offer is available for the Sprint Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices only. Other carrier variants of the device are still available with the free choice of gift offer from the website. Just in case you do not know, the choice of gift is between a free Gear VR (with controller), or, a premium AKG headphone + 256GB memory card + Oculus content box as well if you’re will to pay $99 more.

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If you’re on Sprint and are looking to get the Galaxy S8 or the S8+ in the coming weeks, then it can’t get better than this deal from Samsung. For $750 you can have a Sprint Galaxy S8 with free Gear VR and a $100 reward E-certificate (Mobile). The same goes for the Galaxy S8+ which you can have for $850.

Offer links: Sprint Galaxy S8  |  Sprint Galaxy S8+

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