DC Comics Android App Launched for Free. Relies on In-Apps payments to Sell you Comics!

Hello fans of Batman, Superman, Justice League and other many more titles, a very good new for you. DC Comics just launched its official android application for free which would you let you buy comics seamlessly right from the app itself and read it on-the-go on any platform of your choice — android phone, android tablet, or any other device — without paying again for it. With 80 titles being published monthly and over 1000 books in the collection, this is the easiest way for you to keep in touch with old heroes while on the move.

DC Comics teamed up with Comixology to create the DC Comics android app, whose UI is cool and easy to browse through. While the app itself is free, you’ll need to purchase the comics to make use of the app, which you can do right from the app. Your credit card details will be taken from the android market (provided you’ve given one for Google Checkout, otherwise you’ll be asked to add a credit card) so that purchases can be done by you within few clicks.

Download Free DC Comics App from Android Market

Well, ever since in-app payment system was launched on android market, app developers have been both quick and smart to make full use of that. We’re often getting free android apps that totally relies on the in-app system (not even ads, sometimes!) to make their gains. That’s not bad at all, and in fact, provides a better channel to purchase stuff you want to. But in some games, you are made to buy stuff to be able to make any progress in the game, which isn’t nice especially since Kids of today generally won’t be shy of shelling out dollars to buy weapons, respect, levels in games which they might just drop and don’t touch ever after few minutes of the spending. Now, this doesn’t make sense, right?

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