How to Convert Video to Audio mp3 on Android

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If you’ve ever looked for a free software for PC to convert video files to audio or extract audio from videos, you know it hasn’t been an easy thing. Finding a software for PC involves a lot of Google searches and you often end up with a buggy freeware. But thanks to Android, you can easily download an app from the Play store have it do your job.

The Media Converter app is one such free app for your Android device to convert videos to audio mp3 files without any hassle. The app works offline and installs a couple of codecs as per required by your device’s hardware.

The app uses a decent holo interface with easy controls. You first select the file you want to convert and then select the format you want the file to convert to. There’s option to even select the Start point and End point of the file that you want to convert, saving you time on converting the whole file if that’s what you require. For advanced users, there’s also an option to select audio Sample rate and Bitrate for the converted file.

The Media Converter isn’t just limited to converting video files to audio files but it can do a variety of other stuff too like converting a particular video format to another video format, and thereby also let’s the user to set resolution for the converted video along with options to change Video bitrate and Preset bitrate, but we guess you should leave them to auto mode only if you aren’t a pro at these things.

Download the Media Converter app from the Play store for free.

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