Camera working slow on your HTC device? Try this fix

App updates aren’t always pretty, and when they come for pre-installed system apps, be extra cautious because they can really create issues with even the basic functionalities of your device.

It’s a common problem for HTC One M8 and other HTC devices to suddenly run into a slower Camera app. Reason? The HTC Speak app.

Turns out, after updating the HTC Speak app on the One M8 and other HTC devices, the camera app starts to run slow, very slow.

So, the easy fix is, uninstall the updates to HTC Speak app and your Camera app will work normal again.

How to Fix Slow Camera on HTC One M8 and other HTC Devices

  1. Go to Settings » Apps » and select HTC Speak from the list of apps.
  2. On App info page for HTC Speak, tap the DISABLE button » select DISABLE APP » and then tap OK to uninstall the app’s updates and bring it back to the factory version.
    TIP: On older devices, you might see UNINSTALL UPDATES button instead of Disable, use that one.
  3. Once uninstall is finished, tap the ENABLE button to get the app back to life.

That’s it. Happy Androiding!

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Shivam Malani

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