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Callistics helps you to track your Calls and Texts more efficiently

Here’s an advanced good looking calls and message tracking app for you — Callistics. It keeps track of all your call logs more efficiently than your phones in-built call log with advanced functions like specific day chart, number of incoming and outgoing calls and messages for day, metrics provided per contact and many more.

Callistics provides you with advanced statistics on your calls and texts that your stock call logs app doesn’t provide. It helps you to analyze your call records in a very intuitive and interesting manner by giving you fact and figures of your calling records. You can view the records on daily, weekly or a monthly basis.

When the app is launched, it shows a screen with the call logs list, which is similar to the Android’s stock data usage option from the settings, and works in a similar way as that of the data usage. The only difference is that Callistics only keeps track on your calls and texts. Callistics also let’s you set a limit on number of outgoing minutes and messages for a billing cylcle, so that you’re notified when you’re overusing your monthly plan (if any).

As we mentioned, Callistics shows the call logs like the data usage app, primarily the app shows data on the outgoing calls (there’s option to change this to incoming and all calls). The list is sorted by the frequency of your calls and texts by by default.

You can even select the contacts to view even more info on your calls and texts for a particular contact. It shows a circle graph on the incoming and outgoing calls and messages. Another graph shows amount of calls and texts weekly, which is a neat bar graph like the one you see during a cricket match analysis and other similar things. Also it shows the time, date and duration for each call.

callistics 1

Callistics allows you to excluded certain numbers from being tracked, which is pretty helpful if you have a secret someone (ahem!) and you don’t want to record their statistics on Callistics.

Callistics is a must have app if you often find yourself overusing your monthly carrier plan. The app is available for free on Play store.

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