Bumper accessory for Nexus 4 coming soon to protect its glass from damage

The LG Nexus 4, Google’s latest flagship Nexus smartphone, doesn’t leave anything to be desired when it comes to its hardware (except maybe an SD card slot or LTE connectivity), and Google made sure that the build quality of the device wouldn’t be any less good either, and the result is a lot of glass on the device that provides for a premium build and feel.

But, you know, glass breaks, and it breaks much more easily than plastic (the material in use on older Nexus devices), even if it is tempered glass. However, Uncle Google has everything covered it seems, as Dan Morrill of Google has confirmed that a bumper accessory would be made available later on for those looking to give their Nexus 4 protection from damage and keep all that glass shiny and scratch-less, while not taking too much away from the beauty of the device (hopefully).

Sign me up for one of these bumper cases please. Anyone else want one?

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