BitTorrent Bleep Secure Messenger Goes Public with new Whisper Feature

bittorrent bleep

BitTorrent announced that its secure messaging application called Bleep is out of the alpha testing phase. The app is now available for download on all the platforms including Android.

BitTorrent Bleep was in alpha testing since September last year. Being a secure messaging application, Bleep focuses more on privacy, and hence it keeps the conversations out of the cloud. This is achieved by sending the messages directly to the intended recipient with end-to-end encryption.

The application requires users to sign up with mobile number, email id or go incognito, send and receive online as well as offline text messages and images, import address book contacts, make and receive voice calls to other Bleep users over Wi-Fi and cellular data, invite friends over SMS, email or share a public key and moving a desktop account to mobile.

bittorrent bleep

With Bleep, it is also possible to easily delete the message history. The messenger makes sure that all the messages are completely encrypted and stored in the local storage.

Bleep has also picked up a momentary messaging feature named whisper. If there is a message or image that need additional privacy, whisper will make it disappear in 25 seconds. The application will also block the nicknames while sending whisper messages, and hence it will be impossible to figure out who sent that particular message.

Download BitTorrent Bleep from Google Play Store.

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