Bing search updated to for travel results and improved security

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To add to the marvelous list of features available in the Microsoft-owned Bing Search app, come the amazing features of travel results, security and improved homepage filter in the latest update.

Bing search app, a great alternative to Google search, lets you snap a picture to find visually similar images and compare prices using the barcode scanner, in addition to search with your voice feature. It wouldn’t be news to you that Bing allows you to find things happening near you and get them done like find and book movies, restaurants and offers available near you.

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However, with the latest update, Bing search has taken a step further by introducing travel results that help you plan your travel, and give tips and guides for the travel as well.

In addition to that, they are now focusing more on security, as is evident, since the recent update gives warnings about malicious websites, thus enabling the user to browse more safely.

Moreover, they have also improved homepage gallery filter so that you can easily find images for your Bing homepage.

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