Best New Android Apps for the week of 17th August, 2014

Hello Androidsters! It’s time for your weekly dose of new and best Android apps. You’ll be finding great new apps to try, plus cool apps from the past that haven’t been much popular but are definitely worth checking out. Hope you enjoy this!

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Define – Offline Dictionary

Define Android App

Define is the best dictionary on-the-go app you can find in Play store. The app puts a system wide floating button on your phone’s screen that lets you quickly open the dictionary, and the best part is you can select a word from within any app on your phone and press the floating icon of Define app to get the meaning of the word. Useful, isn’t it?

Define keeps an offline database containing over 100,000 words and their definition. When the meaning of a word is not in its database, the app will search the web.


  • Word Search
  • Search From Any other application (See Video)
  • Search By sharing the word and selecting Define to open it
  • Online word search also available (initiated only if word is not found offline)
  • Define Widget for Home screen and Lock Screen
  • File Size is only 6 Mb
  • No Extra downloads required
  • Simple and Easy Design
  • No Ads

Download Define for free from Play store.

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flippr – flip widgets anywhere


We use widgets for many little actions such as changing tracks of the player, calender, and even news. But we can use widgets only on homescreen/launcher. Flippr brings your widgets to every screen by placing a floating bubble at the edge of your device’ screen that launches widgets as an overlay on the screen.

With flippr, your favorite widgets are always a touch away. Access your widgets while using any application or game without returning to the home screen! Check weather when playing your favorite game. Check your stock portfolio when watching a video. Quickly check which song is playing when editing a spreadsheet. Read your tweets when waiting for a level to load in a fullscreen game. Yes, it is all possible with flippr. No longer are your widgets restricted to your home screen – with flippr, you will have floating widgets accessible from anywhere. A new kind of multitasking.

Flippr is a small bubble that you can interact with which stays on top of all apps – you can access all your widgets with this small bubble. Touch bubble and move finger horizontally to switch widgets in smooth transitions. Organize your widgets into groups (Social, Media, Notes). Touch and move finger vertically to switch groups.

Get it for free from Play Store.

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BradyBound is a simple app that lets you set limit on your phone’s download speed. The app requires root access and has a straightforward user interface with just a slider for the speed limit and nothing else. It should also be noted that the set speed limit rule resets on a reboot.

Shape/limit the speed of your downloads. This is useful if you’re on 3G or LTE and don’t want videos and songs to download fast, burning through your data.

Download it for free from Play Store.

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Smiley Camera

smiley camera

As the name suggests, the Smiley Camera lets you put a sweet smiley on your photos along with a caption. The app even lets you doodle on the photos.

Smiley camera is a unique app that lets add smileys and emoticons to your photos. You can just take a photo or you can select an existing photo from your gallery. The smiley and emoticon collection is very huge with over 500 of them.

Smiley camera contains over 500 Smileys and Emoticons to Spice up your photo.

Get it for free from Play store.

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After Call Actions (ACA)

After Call Actions

Sometimes you want to call back or message just after a call. But for that, you have to go back again to the call logs or contacts app. The After Call Actions (ACA) app is looking to simplify that. ACA launches right after you end a call and shows options to either call back or send SMS or e-mail. It also displays last call’s stats and lets you add the number to your phonebook if it’s an unknown number.

After Call Actions is the fastest way to realize actions on the last call (outgoing, incoming or even missed) : call back, send SMS, send mail or do any other actions on the contact

ACA launch itself just after your call with :
• A clear and simple interface with the last call informations (name, phone number, call lenght)
• The contact picture with quick actions badge on click
• Add a phone number to your contacts if unknown
• Call back, send a SMS or send a mail in one touch
• Automatically close ACA after a delay which you can set

Download it for free from Play store.

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BunkMaster Free for Attendance


This one is exclusively for students! BunkMaster lets you maintain a log of your attendance at colleges/schools so that you know it when your attendance is falling short before your teacher sends you a notice. The app also have features such as notes, reminders, homescreen widget and a daily reminder.

BunkMaster Is Intended exclusively for the students who want to catch up with their attendance in the event of absence from the class.

BunkMaster can be used for maintaining a minimum level of attendance percentage for school/college students.

BunkMaster Free is an ad supported version of the paid ad free app BunkMaster. If you like the free version, please buy the ad free version and support us. BunkMaster Free is a free to use application intended for students who are lagging behind in there attendance count and let them keep up with the required margin. It will help you master your bunks. BunkMaster can be used in schools, colleges, universities, and even more. BunkMaster will show your percentage of absence and analyse your current status. It is an excellent attendance meter you can find in the market. It will leave you with enough attendance to jump over your margin.

BunkMaster v3 introduces many new features such as notes, reminders, homescreen widget and most importantly a daily reminder. This will help you take quick notes of important task such as assignment and also set reminders for each notes.

Download the ad-supported free version from Play Store. Buy the pro version to support the dev.

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BrightNotes – Easy Notetaking!

bright notes

BrightNotes wants to bring back simplicity back to note taking. The app has a Google Now like cards layout for notes with options for syncing the notes with Dropbox/Drive.

BrightNotes is notetaking made easy without complexity. Keep what you have in mind with the sleek, easy-to-use notepad. From the beautiful app design to its uncomplicated core functionalities, it’s no wonder why it’s distinguishable from the rest.

Keep what you have in mind
• Jotting down notes couldn’t be anymore simpler with BrightNotes!

Sync your notes on the cloud
• Sync your notes on the cloud with Dropbox. Google Drive and Box coming soon.

Notes when you least expect them
• BrightNotes archives your notes when you remove them from the list.

Having many notes is A-okay
• Search through your notes with the notepad’s search feature.

Download the ad-supported free version from Play Store.

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PicMotion – video slideshow


Creating short video stories is now easier with Picmotion. It lets you create slide shows with your photos, add music to it or even your voice. You can select photos from your gallery or your instagram. Add music from your library or use your voice in the video. And after creating, share the video in one click to facebook, youtube, or instagram.

Easy way to create unique video stories, music video from your photos, your music or your voice.
PicMotion – The Fastest & Easiest app for creating your video slideshow, music video, photo music for share to Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Vine…

– The easiest way to select multiple pictures from your albums or Instagram by smart folders
– Ability to zoom, rotates, delete, re-order the pictures

– Add music from your library
– Record your beautiful voice then add to your video
– Set the start time of the song and the timing for each pictures
– Set the video timing of any length from 6 seconds up to 5 minutes

– Instant preview the moment the video completed
– Save your video to the library
– Share video on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr and more…
– Select video by browsing history with just one click.

Download it for free from Play Store.

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Notes (Beta)

notes beta

Want a Note taking app with the complete material UI? Notes (beta) is the one you have to download. The app has a beautiful UI from the Android L with pretty powerful note taking features. It’s still in beta, so expect some bugs or inconsistencies.

This application is currently in beta and should be used with that in mind.
By installing this application you agree I am not responsible for anything happening to your notes.

Download it for free from Play Store.

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Andrognito BETA – Hide Files


Andrognito aims to make hiding your files/images more secure. It has all the features of a usual files hiding app with a lot more and a beautiful user interface. It can hide the pics/videos/files from others and lock it. One interesting feature of the app is “fake vault”. With it, you can set a fake pin and show your friends/parents the vault. The fake vault is just a dummy vault in which you can keep dummy photos so that no one will guess its a fake vault.

With Andrognito, you can now keep your confidential and important files which you don’t want others to access, hidden inside your Android device with our advanced 3-Layer Encryption Engine. In short, Andrognito is a modern sentinel that hides and locks all your personal and confidential data from snoopers in real time.

All the important files like pictures, videos, documents, apps are securely hidden inside a safe vault which nobody except you with the PIN (or password) can access, thereby giving you complete control over your device’s privacy. It is simple, fast and fluid and can hide files and folders in blazing fast speed (thanks to its “Flash Mode”).

Download it for free from Play store.

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Flashlight Iron Man

flash light ironman

The pictures and name says it all for the Flashlight Iron Man app.

This simple application turns your device into a powerful flashlight by turning the camera flashlight LED on. Aggresive Iron Man’s eyes and reactor indicate status of the flashlight. Just tap the screen to turn on or off the light.

– widget
– notification for quick turning off the light
– auto-enabled/disabled turning on the light
– simplicity

Download it for free from Play store.

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