Best Android Physical QWERTY Keyboard Phone: HTC Vision vs Motorola Droid 2

HTC Vision

If you loved HTC Desire and wished a physical Qwerty Keyboard beneath it, then HTC Vision was what you were thinking about. Rumored specs tell of a Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 480 x 800. We would surely like to see the Super AMOLED display confirmed here but there is no harm right now in welcoming it in HTC’s lineup of Android devices.

So, is this HTC’s answer to Motorola Droid 2’s IPS technology screen? Or that’s the signal of the one-on-one situation between two smart phones giants dominating the Android phones segment, HTC and Motorola — where one is trying to cancel out the other’s best Android offerings in each segment.

From where we are standing, we see HTC Vision as a potential competitor to Motorola’s Droid 2. Both Android phones don a 4 row physical QWERTY keyboard underneath the 3.7 inches wide screen and are gifted with 1Ghz processor.

But where the battle gets intense is the screen type. Motorola’s IPS based screen has many earned many accolades which can be countered only by Samsung’s own Super AMOLED screen. Did HTC bow down to Samsung even after so many black-out situations of AMOLED displays, that halted the growing sales of HTC EVO and Droid incredible?

While we know Froyo is rumored to come pre-installed with Droid 2, it remains to be seen what HTC tops Vision with to counter the first day Froyo excitement of Droid 2.

HTC Vision Qwerty phone

While Droid X looks to outdone HTC EVO with its superb screen and latest Ninjablur on July 15th launch date, the Vision is HTC’s challenge to upcoming Motorola Droid 2. Let’s see how it goes? Strange, it’s now Android vs Android, days are over for iPhone vs Android. Hmm…?

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