Battery Life on Marshmallow, post your screen-on time here!

Left is Marshmallow!
Left is Marshmallow!

We’re seeing noticeable improvements in battery life on your Nexus 5, all thanks to Marshmallow update it’s running for the past few days. The new Doze mode on Marshmallow really seems to be good at what it does, and what el Goog promised.

If you happen to be using either of Nexus 5 or Nexus 6, then do share your screen-on time right now via comments section below. If you could add a screenshot or too (at tumblr, or anywhere else), then that’s cool too.

Let’s take an example of this user over at Reddit, who kind of documented or kept track of his usage on Lollipop, and now on Marshmallow, and has provided us some good nos. Sure we can come up with nos. of our own too, but we’d rather pass as we just happen to trust a Reddit-er all fine.

The guy’s screen-on time has gone from around 4 hours 45 minutes on lollipop to amazing 6 hours of an approx. on Marshmallow. If you are into screen-on time thing, then you know how good 6 hours SOT is. And that too on a two year old Nexus 5’s relatively moderate battery — that’s awesome!

If you own a Nexus 5 or Nexus 6, we’d say you better give Marshmallow update a shot. If you were holding for reports, this is one good report as regards battery. And because we aren’t hearing any bugs or other issues with Marshmallow, you are good to go.

Download Marshmallow update for Nexus 5, 6, 7 (2013), 9 and Player here. If root is your thing, then try the Marshmallow root we’ve covered here. Chainfire found this cool enough to make a comeback, with an Android 6.0 root of his own, here.

Do share your own screen-on time and battery life observations on Marshmallow with us. We’re watching the comments section eagerly for your inputs.

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