Barnes and Noble Nook HD and HD+ update to add Google Play Store support

Barnes and Noble took inspiration from Amazon when they used Android as a base to build their own ecosystem on top of it by making users buy content from their own app and media stores, but a new update will soon enable Nook HD and Nook HD+ to download and buy content from the Google Play Store.

The OTA update, which is set to roll out this week, will install the Play Store app on the tablets, which will allow users to download apps, movies, music and other media from Google, and also be able to access Google apps like Gmail, YouTube and Maps. The update will also replace the default browser with Google Chrome, which supports “faster page rendering and unlimited tabs.” Furthermore, new units of the two tablets will come with the Play Store pre-installed.

Barnes and Noble is perhaps taking a big risk by adding Google Play support to the Nook, as users won’t have only Barnes and Noble’s own content store to browse through anymore. However, VP of ebooks Jim Hill is “confident that when people pick up a Nook device, they’re going to use the Nook shopping experience,” so all we can do is applaud the company for giving users the choice to get content from two different sources.

If you prefer not to wait, the update can be manually installed straightaway, instructions for which are provided at the source link (expand the “Software Update for NOOK® HD+ – Version 2.1.0” text to see the update steps).

Source: Barnes and Noble | Via: Phandroid