[APK] Google Fit, a Fitness Tracking app from Google now available on Play Store

It’s here. The service we’ve all been waiting for, Google Fit, has finally landed on the Play Store. Google Fit is fitness tracking app from Google that tracks your walking, running and cycling activities using your phone, plus it lets you collect data from other wearable fitness techy things you use to track your fitness. Google Fit is your one app to see data from all your fitness tracking devices or apps.

Google Fit is fully compatible with Android Wear watches that happen to be collecting all the activities you do in a day. You can also view Google Fit on the web, here’s the address → google.com/fit.

Like every other fitness app, you also have the option to set fitness goals based on Google Fit. Plus, you also get recommendations based on your performance.

Google Fit Phone

The Google Fit app is available for everyone on the Play Store (link →)to download and install, however, if you don’t have access to Play store then just grab the Google Fit APK file from the download link below and install it normally like any other APK file.

 icon-download Download Google Fit APK

For help with installing the APK file, check out page on → How to Install APK files on Android.

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