Google brings new Android TV launcher and core services to the Play Store

Google has not been giving Android TV the equal treatment it deserves over the past couple of months in terms of updates, but that changes today with the debut of a new launcher for the digital media player operating system. Called Android TV Home, the new launcher was unveiled in conjunction with the general rollout of Android 8.0 Oreo.

It’s worth pointing out, therefore, that the Android TV launcher supports only Android 8.0 and above. Android TV Home essentially serves as a jumping-off point for launching your Android TV device. The top row displays recommendations from your installed apps including YouTube and the Google Play Store, while below is a wide selection of content from various publishers. Those content include movies and TV series arranged in carousel.

Android TV Home also includes the ability to add or remove channels from your home screen so that you can customize your viewing experience. To the left most column sits a list of options for launching the app drawer, playing movies and watching the next media content.

The launcher also allows you to look for movies and TV series using just your voice. In addition to the new Android TV launcher, Google also introduced Android TV Core Services app to the Play Store, which brings with it a support package for all Android TV devices. You can download Android TV Home and Android TV Core Services from the Google Play Store for free.

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