Android O Developer Preview 4 comes with a lot of new emojis

The emoji war between Android and iOS is a never-ending one.  In the see-saw struggle between the two, Android has got an upper hand (as of now) with the introduction of plethora of new emojis with Android O Developer Preview 4.

Google released the fourth and last Android O Developer Preview two days back. This preview is being rolled out to compatible Pixel and Nexus devices already enrolled in the Android beta program and contains a lot of new and cool emojis which, as per a user on Reddit, ‘everyone on iOS doesn’t have yet’.

Considering the fact that this is the fourth Android O Developer Preview with the final and stable Android 8.0 version still awaited, there are chances of these new emojis getting a more polished look or even the inclusion of more new emojis in the stable Android O build. This definitely will tilt the balance in favor of Android.

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Google made efforts to put a breath of fresh air in the Android O emojis and redesign them more in line with the iOS emoji set with the launch of first Android O Developer Preview. The changes brought about by Google were doing away with the gumdrop shaped emojis in favor of rounded ones with gradients and more shading and textures.

Android O Developer Preview 4 includes “near-final system images” as well as “latest bug fixes and optimizations, and the final APIs (API level 26).”

Via: Reddit

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