Android 8.0 features may include Finger gestures, Copy Less and better messaging experience

The next version of Android, which should be Android O (8.0), is expected to be unveiled at Google’s I/O developer conference in May. In fact, Google is said to be already working on new features which it might incorporate in the Android O version viz Copy Less, Finger Gestures and improvements to text messaging experience. This is being seen as a direct step against Apple’s attempt at upgrading its iOS apps with artificial intelligence.

Android 8.0 features (rumored):

  • Copy Less: The Copy Less feature can be a boon for those who often jump back & forth between apps to copy text. It removes the hassle of pointers for copying a text from an app and pasting it into another.
  • Finger gestures: The finger gesture feature will com in handy for various actions across Android. One example being a shortcut to Contacts list. If you draw the letter C onscreen using your finger, a short list of recent contacts will pop up.
  • Better messaging experience: Google is working on another feature which will help Android in understanding certain types of messages in a better way. For example, when there’s an address in a text message, tapping on it will open up the address directly on Google Maps.

All these features if incorporated in the upcoming Android version, would be nothing sort of a blessing in disguise for Android users. Expected to be released with the next generation Pixel devices in September or November, the Android O or Android Oreo (as rumors suggest) might even skip all these features. So, nothing’s written on stone as of now, but are based merely on statements from various sources.

via Venture Beat

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