A Secret Code To Buy Your XOOM for $600 Without Contract

A few news items are already out about this uncanny, undecipherable phenomenon, but it is true and once the news spread, probably it might not stay the Goldilocks tale it is right now. But let’s not worry about that. So here it is, something of the same league as the Watergate or JFK Mystery! If you go to a Motorola store before March 15th and purchase a XOOM using the coupon code OCNNSB25 then you can shave off $200 straight off that receipt.

Be quick, because the moment Motorola or Verizon realizes their little charity follie, this unwanted offseason offer will expire like dew in the morning sun. It was also in news that Verizon was giving off XOOM without the data requirement (1 months plan starting at $20), although they have already done away with the mandate completely.

It does sound like one of those cheat codes from that very hard to play video game, but it might not last for long. Hurry up folks!

Via: Androidcentral

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