6 upcoming features for the Google Photos app confirmed!

On Tuesday, Google Photos’ product leader, David Lieb, asked users for feedback about the app on Twitter. Lieb’s goal, as he mentioned himself, was to know what features do the users want and whether they were facing any bugs that hadn’t been rectified by Google in the Google Photos app.

The session lasted for hours, and Lieb confirmed a couple of cool features that users requested.


Google Photos upcoming features list

These features could soon make to Photos app by Google, which is already very impressive.

Manual Tagging

Google Photos’ facial recognition is probably the best in the business. But every now and then, it fails to hit the mark. A user brought this into Lieb’s attention, adding it would be great if Photos, too, had the manual tagging option as Picasa did. The product leader confirmed that the feature was on the road map.

Search for Recently Uploaded Photos

Lieb also confirmed that Google was already rolling out the update which would allow users to search recently uploaded photos. The update will let you see and edit your recent photos without having to go to a browser.

Edit Timestamps

Web and iOS users already have the option to edit timestamps of images, and according to Lieb, the feature will soon be introduced for Android devices as well.

Pet Photo Sharing to Partner Libraries

As of now, Google Photos doesn’t support pet photo sharing in Partner Library, but Lieb informed that an update was already in the works and would be dropping soon.

Trash From Library and Favorite an Item

The web version of Google Photos lets you delete your photos from the library while browsing albums. Surprisingly, on Android, the trash icon is missing and it only allows you to remove the photo from your album and not from the library.

Also, on Android, there’s no option to favorite an item in the Shared folder, even though it’s available on the web version. Lieb verified both features were in development.

Screenshots Being Backed Up

If you’re using a Samsung smartphone, you are bound to find your screenshots backed up on Google Photos. Samsung saves screenshots under the main camera folder, which tricks Google Photos to treat them as regular photos. A user brought up the issue, and Lieb revealed that he recently had a discussion about the same with someone on his team, hinting that a solution could be in the works.

Features and improvements like native Photo Map, duplicate reduction, improved sharing options, Google Drive sync, local printing, YouTube-like video playback, and more were brought up, and Lieb graciously acknowledged them all.

Although he didn’t give an exact timeline, the updates are expected to be available sooner rather than later.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming features for Google Photos? Do you need a feature that is also missing in the list above?

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