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50 Best Winter Captions for Instagram

As the year draws to an end and winter takes over the world, Instagram gets loaded with all things frosty. Are you looking forward to uploading your sweater-clad, snow cover selfies? Your followers are waiting to see what you have to share this winter. Do not simply post your images and videos, share a few words to explain how you feel this season as well. If the cold is fuzzing your brain out, do not worry. We have you covered.

Here are some seasonal captions that you can add to your Instagram posts this winter. Also, see what some celebrities have captioned their content with.

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Holiday-themed captions

Have you been preparing for Christmas since tucking into the last morsel of Thanksgiving leftover? Share your holiday decorations and preparation with the world. It is not too soon to share your digital holiday greeting through Instagram. With 2020 being a drag of a year, ending it on a happy note is something we all deserve. Here are some holiday-themed captions you can add to your Insta post for the seasons’ greetings:

  • Santa 🎅 said its time to sleigh🛷👑.
  • All I want for Christmas 🎄is…this year to say goodbye.👋
  • Wake⏰, bake🍪🥧, and jingle🔔.
  • It’s magical, this time of year.
  • Believe in miracles, today and every day.
  • It is time for the candles to be lit. 🕎
  • Let’s get wrapping.
  • They call me the wrap god.🎁🙏
  • Yule see me merry this season.
  • Let the season bring glimmer and glow to every home.

Snow/cold themed captions

With the temperature dipping, it is time to start swaddling up. Whether you are snug at home or braving the chills to take stunning images outdoors, you need to have the right captions to match the content. Here are some winter weather appropriate captions for the lazy and active Instagrammer:

  • Tis the season to get snuggly.
  • The slopes are calling so imma ski you later.🎿
  • ❗Caution❗ Bikini bodies have been snowed in.
  • Leave behind your worries like footprints 👣 in the snow.
  • It may be freezing out, but this warms my heart.
  • Wanna kick back and count snowflakes?❄️❄️❄️❄️
  • Snowball fight? Challenge accepted!
  • This was snow much fun!
  • Sleet! That didn’t go as planned!
  • I can be your snow ❄️angel👼.

Funny captions

Just because it is winter you do not have to let your funny bone go into hibernation. Upload your whacky content with some hilarious captions to turn the LOLs to ROFLMAOs. Here are some rib-tickling captions that you could borrow for your Insta posts:

  • This year better be making Santa’s Bad list.
  • Mistletoe? More like Mistle-heck-no.
  • You can call my fingers Elsa because they are Frozen!🥶
  • Driveway so slippery I slid into my own DMs.
  • Like Frosty the Snowman in summer, I’m about to have a meltdown.😡
  • Me: Hey Siri, how cold is it?
    Siri: Not as cold as your frigid heart.💙
  • Winter is comin…and we are now snowed in.
  • What, my Christmas decorations are still up? Must be a Christmas miracle!
  • Stay away from my hibernation station.🛌💤😴
  • Sticking to my exercise routine. I don’t wear an ugly sweater, I am the ugly sweat-er🥵.

Food-related captions

The holiday season is all about family and good food. Do not let the end of the holiday season be the end of your culinary celebration. Cook, eat, and share your content with your followers with some drool-worthy captions.

  • The holiday season is over, time to go on a di…et is that lasagna?🍽️😁
  • Hot chocolate so good I could bathe in it.☕🛀
  • Haters beware. I can and will roast you like this chicken (insert produce of choice).
  • It’s never too late to put on the winter weight.
  • What season is it? Soup season. 🥣
  • Seasoning on fleek!
  • This dish has enough spice 🔥to melt the ice🧊!
  • Say hello to my winter stash of snacks🐿️.
  • The biggest lie of the season? The soup is too hot.🍜
  • I wish someone loved me as much as love this plate of food.

What are the celebrities saying?

Got some ideas on what you want to say with your content? Take a look at what celebrities have been captioning their winter snippets with on Instagram:

  • This is what Mirah Carey had to say as she kicked off the season


  • The Jonas Brothers kicked off the winter in 2020 with their latest single I Need You Christmas. Nick Jonas shared this on Insta sharing the family’s nostalgic winter feels


  • With a hint of holiday decoration in the background, Jennifer Lopez shared a photo of herself declaring winter “the most wonderful time of the year”.


  • His attempt to escape the cold by going to the beach appears to have failed Henry Golding.


  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star, Lana Condor has been waiting for the winter to arrive.


  • Kylie Jenner slaying it as a snow-leopard.


  • Ryan Renolds as always had something quirky to add-


  • Serena Williams brought a taste of winter with some snow in Florida.


  • Lady Gaga is having a magical winter.


  • Mark Zuckerberg shared a treat for his followers while wishing them Happy Hannuka.


Come up with your own captions or take a few from us this winter. Stay safe and warm.